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Why the region needs the UCR School of Public Policy

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By Rick Bishop, Paulette Brown-Hinds, Ron Loveridge, Tyler Madary, Grover Trask |

County of Riverside Partners with UCR Policy School

The UCR School of Public Policy and the County of Riverside are partnering on a report for county officials on issues raised by community members at three listening sessions in September and October. The community sessions will cover a variety of challenges facing the region such as systemic racism, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the financial...
By Maddie Bunting |

Grant facilitates research on behavioral development and cognitive aging over lifespan

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By Iqbal Pittalwala |

College Students Trapped in Apartment Leases During COVID-19

“The city of Riverside has a program for rent relief... to bring you current on your rent,” Fair Housing Council of Riverside County program manager Nathan Cieszynski stated in a podcast episode produced by the UCR School of Public Policy. Financial hardships and remote learning caused by the pandemic have left many college students trapped...
By Maddie Bunting |

Board of Supervisors to hold listening sessions for community on county funding priorities

Sept. 22, 2020 Media Contact: Brooke Federico Public Information Officer bcfederico@rivco.org Board of Supervisors to hold listening sessions for community on county funding priorities The Riverside County Board of Supervisors will hold a series of three listening sessions for the community on county services and budget priorities, including public safety, behavioral health and social services...

UC Policy School Deans’ Response to OMB Prohibition on Critical Race Theory Training

Dear UC Public Policy Community and Friends: We are writing as the Deans of the four UC Public Policy Schools to defend academic research efforts, such as Critical Race Theory, against the attacks of the President’s Office of Management and Budget (see September 4th letter from OMB on "Training in the Federal Government"). Becoming anti-racist...

Some California Latinos spooked by Trump’s disinformation about voting

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By Joe Garofoli |

Are Schools Prepared to Reopen?

“How do we have some practices and procedures in place that are going to hold [school] districts harmless [as well as] hold students harmless,” Val Verde Superintendent Mike McCormick posed in a podcast episode produced by the UCR School of Public Policy. During the interview McCormick, who has more than 20 years of experience in...
By Maddie Bunting |

Getting Out the Latino Vote in Rural California

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By Amanda Ulrich |

Student Talks About College Renters' Rights

On Thursday, September 17th, the UCR School of Public Policy will host a talk by sophomore public policy major Sana Jaffery on the financial hardships felt by students as they find themselves unable to break their leases amid the COVID-19 crisis. Sana Jaffery recently found herself facing a housing issue, only to find out hundreds...
By Maddie Bunting |

Is the COVID-19 Shutdown Legal?

“I think there is no doubt that mask requirements, social distancing requirements, and the closure of businesses is going to be enforceable at this time,” said City Attorney Greg Stepanicich, in a podcast episode produced by the UCR School of Public Policy. In light of protests surrounding the legality of the shutdown in recent months...
By Maddie Bunting |

Local Black Leader to Discuss the Black Press

On Friday, August 28th, the UCR School of Public Policy will be hosting a virtual seminar by Paulette Brown-Hinds on the role the Black Press has played in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests over the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. Brown-Hinds is the founder of Voice Media Ventures and...
By Maddie Bunting |

Keys for getting first-time and limited-English speaking voters to participate in the election

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By Jonathan Mehta Stein, Francisco Pedraza |

Free Film Screening on Struggle for Clean Air

On Thursday, August 20th, the American Lung Association and the UCR School of Public Policy will be screening the film “Unbreathable: The Fight For Healthy Air.” The short film looks back on the Clean Air Act and its effects and progress in combating air pollution in the U.S. The screening will be followed by a...
By Maddie Bunting |

Invest in Future Criminal Justice Leaders

The Robert Presley Center of Crime and Justice Studies has started a crowdfunding page devoted to supporting UC Riverside students interested in careers in the criminal justice system. Donations made on the crowdfunding site go towards the Senator Robert Presley Scholarship Fund, which provides justice-impacted students with scholarships, paid internships, research fellowships, as well as...
By Maddie Bunting |

COVID-19 Exacerbates Racial Disparities in America

“Two pandemics that health researchers are talking about are COVID-19, a global pandemic, and racism as the second pandemic, and how they are interwoven together,” said UCR associate professor of psychology Aerika Loyd, in a podcast episode with the UCR School of Public Policy. A recent New York Times article stated that based on data...
By Maddie Bunting |

California youth fired up to vote in 2020, new poll finds

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By Nicole Freeling |

Local Black Leader to Discuss Race, Poverty, Economics

On Wednesday, August 5th, the UCR School of Public Policy will be hosting a virtual seminar on race, poverty, and economics by Kim Carter, founder of the San Bernardino-based Time for Change Foundation. A formerly incarcerated woman, Carter has focused on helping women and children make the transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency since 2002. Carter...
By Maddie Bunting |