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Palm Springs Mayor on Improving Local Housing Affordability and Income Disparities

By Christian Salinas |

On the latest episode of Policy Chats, Palm Springs Mayor Grace Garner talks about bringing about new opportunities for the workforce population through improving housing affordability, narrowing income disparities, and addressing gentrification in the city of Palm Springs

In the episode, Mayor Garner touches on those who do not qualify for low-income housing but also cannot to afford to pay half of their salary on rent alone.

“If we can get that down to a more reasonable rent based on a person's income, then that would help a lot,” Garner said. “They're still going to pay more than they would for a low income unit because they have the means to, but instead of paying 50% of their monthly income, they'll pay the 30% which is supposed to be the standard rate that we should all be paying but almost none of us are.”

Garner has previously served as a board member of the Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry, was the Chief Operating Officer at Americans for Financial Reform, and was also Attorney Case Manager at White & Case LLP. Currently, Mayor Garner is a board member for the Desert Regional Medical Center and for Cal State San Bernardino.

Listen to the episode here.

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