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The UCR School of Public Policy is home to several research centers that partner closely with policy agencies and community organizations.


Center for Social Innovation

The Center for Social Innovation focuses on five key areas: Civic Engagement, Economic Mobility, Immigrant Integration, Leadership & Entrepreneurship, and Place Making. Specific to their work in Inland Southern California, their activities in collaborative research, policy innovation, and narrative change are aimed to more fully realize the region’s potential in terms of its civic activities, philanthropic investments, and growing nonprofit sector.  


Inland Center for Sustainable Development

ICSD conducts and disseminates research and reports on issues of suburban growth and its impact on social, environmental, and transport systems.







Kim Saruwatari

Center of Crime and Justice Studies

The Center of Crime and Justice Studies conducts empirical research on crime and the criminal justice system in order to inform evidence-based practices and policies in the Inland Empire and across California.

Center for Geospatial Sciences

The Center for Geospatial Sciences (CGS) promotes transdisciplinary approaches to problem solving, leveraging spatial analytics, geocomputation and geoinformatics techniques for enhancing decision making and improving public policy.


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