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Podcast Discusses Solutions to Pressing Environmental Challenges

By Andrew Shannon |

On the latest episode of Policy Chats, Bernadette Del Chiaro, the Executive Director of the California Solar & Storage Association discusses unique solutions to environmental issues. 

Del Chiaro said we cannot “solve climate change without solar energy. It is fundamental to our clean energy future.” She stressed the importance of public policy in adopting solar energy solutions “through consumer adoption, aided by public policy, and through utility adoption, aided through public policy.”

Del Chirao mentioned pumped hydro as a possible solution. When “you take water down at a low elevation, you use electricity during the day powered by solar panels, and you store it in a reservoir, and then at night, you let the water come flow back down the hill and pass through a turbine to generate electricity,” she said.

Del Chario concluded by calling for political action to combat environmental challenges. She said we are “blessed to have a democracy, but that democracy requires us to be active in it.” 

Ultimately, Del Chiaro pointed out that people can tackle pressing environmental adversity through collective action. “You just get busy, and you get active and you see that this kind of collective action, whether it's through consumer choice or through political action,” Del Chiaro said.

Listen to the episode here.


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