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Donors Step-up in Support of SPP Students

By Katherine Kim |

During the first half of the 2023-24 academic year, SPP added two new endowed scholarships, as donors continue to provide overwhelming support of SPP students. 

Dr. Anil and Mrs. Gauri Garde, who have been providing generous scholarships over the years for students who are struggling financially, established Anil and Gauri Garde Endowed Student Scholarship Fund with a major financial commitment to provide long-term support for students in the School of Public Policy who experience financial hardship while striving to attain educational success. Dr. and Mrs. Garde have enjoyed meeting SPP students who benefitted from their generosity over the years and wanted to make a bigger impact through their endowment.

Greg and Mal Wilkinson established Mal and Greg Endowed Student Scholarship Fund with a generous major gift to express their commitment to supporting SPP students with financial needs who work hard towards educational excellence and successful career in public service. Greg Wilkinson, who has been serving on the SPP Advisory Board since the early years, has been one of the steadfast supporters of SPP students.

These two new endowed scholarships will generate funds in perpetuity and will impact SPP students for many years to come.

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