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Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program


Despite the popularity of public policy master's programs at U.S. universities, undergraduate public policy majors and minors are not commonly found at most colleges. Indeed, UCR is the first public policy school with an undergraduate public policy major in the entire University of California system.

The UCR public policy major, housed in the UCR School of Public Policy, will provide you with a set of research, analytical, and management skills that are transferable across sectors and across issue areas. Thus, it will prepare you for a career not only in public service (federal, state, and local government agencies) but also at not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.


Policy Areas

Students take courses related to the following policy areas:

  1. Environmental Policy

  2. Health Policy

  3. Poverty and Income Policy

  4. Water Policy

  5. Income and Wealth Inequality

  6. Crime, Justice, and Drug Policy

  7. Migration and Citizenship

  8. Discrimination and Identity (Race, Sex, Gender, Religion)


  1. Housing and Homelessness

  2. Urban and Community Development

  3. Agricultural Policy

  4. Energy Policy

  5. Democracy, Corruption, and Voting

  6. International Policy

  7. Education Policy

  8. Geographic Sciences and Policy


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Undergraduate Testimonials

Arleth Flores Aparicio
"Phenomenal is how I describe my experience as a public policy major. I found my passions within the Policy Institution and Processes and Social, Cultural, and Family policy tracks through the intuitive courses taught by Dr. Cecilia Ayon, Dr. Richard Carpiano, and Distinguished Professor Steven Brint, to name a few. Not only did I gain skills within the classroom but also outside as the School of Public Policy offers various programs for personal and professional growth, such as the Dean's Brand Ambassador Program. Overall, the major provided foundational governmental skills that set me apart in my current position with Deloitte as a Government and Practice Service Analyst."
Arleth Flores Aparicio '22
"Because I am interested in local government, I chose the urban policy track. My favorite course was Local Leadership in California, a political science course taught by Dr. Ronald Loveridge. His experience as Mayor of Riverside and his passion for local government has encouraged me to continue creating change in my community. I also enjoyed Urban Problems, a sociology course taught by Dr. Christopher Schmitt, which focused on the development of cities and challenges citizens face. I love this major because the policy solutions needed today require the kind of interdisciplinary thinking that my coursework provides."
Daniel Castaneda '19

Resources for Student Success

The UCR School of Public Policy is committed to ensuring the success of our public policy majors during the course of their studies and after they graduate. Learn about some programs and resources available to our students:

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