Capstone Projects

Capstone Projects


Capstone Projects

Cohort 1 (Spring 2017)

  • Poverty & Property: Exploring the Link Between Eviction and Economic Indicators
  • Poverty, English Language Learners, and Exclusionary Discipline Policies in San Bernardino County Schools
  • Complete Streets Through Local and Global Perspectives
  • Human Health Impacts of a Shrinking Salton Sea: An Analysis of the Salton Sea Management Program Phase 1
  • Nurse Intensity & Patient Outcomes: An Analysis of Three Southern California Counties
  • Intersections of Health and Immigration: Assessing the Political and Policy Impact of California’s Health For All Kids Act
  • Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act: Quality Payment Program
  • Spotlight on Hope Film Camp: Creating a Sense of Community and Artistic Social Outlet for an Under-Served Community
  • Food Sovereignty Among Indian Americans/Alaska Natives
  • Water Security as a Shared Policy Challenge
  • An Evaluation of the Western Riverside Council of Government’s Regional Streetlight Program

Cohort 2 (Spring 2018)

  • K-12 Crime Prevention: Anti-Social Intervention Programs in the Inland Empire
  • Evaluating Strategic Communication Among Health Care Providers in Riverside County
  • Investigating the Role of Drought and Water Conservation Efforts on the Effluent Dominated Streams in Southern California
  • A Report on the Status of Women in the Inland Empire
  • A Future in Flux: The Uncertainty of DACA and its Impact on Students’ Mental Health, Education, and Career Aspirations in the Inland Region
  • Intersections of Health and Immigration: Assessing the Political and Policy Impact of California’s Health For All Kids Act
  • Implementing SB 1000: Policy Strategies for Local Governments

Cohort 3 (Spring 2019)

  •  Evaluation of Riverside County’s CES and the VI-SPDAT Tool
  • The Experience of Poverty in Riverside County
  • Perception About Community Development Initiatives Through the Arts: A Case Study on Newark, NJ.
  • Does the HAPPI Program Make Everyone Happy? An Analysis of the HAPPI Program
  • Mental Health Impacts of Latino Immigrant Families in CA: Pre & Post Trump
  • Could Intra- and Inter – Basin Water Transfers be Considered a Sustainable Policy Intervention for Addressing Water Scarcity?
  • Unintended Consequences of Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP) for Southern California Safety – Net Hospitals and their Patients
  • Bankruptcy of the Colorado River: The Impact fo River Flow Deficit on the Salton Sea Region and Allocation Policies to Address it.
  • Teacher Perceptions of Breakfast After the Bell Models
  • The Value and Benefit of Public Art: A Recommendation to Revitalize Arts & Culture in the City of Riverside
  • Strengthening Transfer Transitions to 4 – Year Institutions: A Qualitative Analysis

Cohort 4 (Spring 2020)

  • Examining the Implementation of Padilla v. Kentucky (2010)
  • Trauma Deserts: A Geospatial Analysis of Trauma Center Accessibility in the Inland Empire
  • Understanding Latina Entrepreneurship in the Inland Empire
  • Equity in School Funding: An Analysis of the Local Control Funding Formula’s Concentration Grant
  • Immigrants in California: A Study on Latinxs’ Perception on Integration
  • Inland Empire Government Agencies’ Response to COVID-19
  •  Inland Empire Food Pantries in Relation to Social Vulnerability, Poverty, homelessness, & COVID-19 Cases
  • Rape and Sexual Assault in the United States: Current Estimates, Barriers to Reporting, and Changes Over Time
  • Implementing Cultural Policy in Newark