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SPP Professor Sergio Rey has received a new NSF award

Professor Sergio Rey has been awarded a new multi-institution NSF grant, in collaboration with Prof. Amr Magdy from UCR Computer Science and Engineering, to explore new educational developments for geography curriculum incorporating geospatial technology. The project is titled "Encoding Geography - Scaling up an RPP to achieve inclusive geocomputational education", has a total budget of...

Presley Center to be Awarded with the P2E Evaluation

The California Workforce Development Board intends to award the Prison to Employment (P2E) evaluation to the Presley Center. This contract will allow the Presley Center to evaluate the P2E initiative across the state with a $500,000 budget. The tentative period for this grant is January 1, 2021 to June 30, 2023.

Batteries: The Positives and Negatives of America’s Energy Future

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By Steve Christensen |

Why the region needs the UCR School of Public Policy

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By Rick Bishop, Paulette Brown-Hinds, Ron Loveridge, Tyler Madary, Grover Trask |

Grant facilitates research on behavioral development and cognitive aging over lifespan

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By Iqbal Pittalwala |

UC Policy School Deans’ Response to OMB Prohibition on Critical Race Theory Training

Dear UC Public Policy Community and Friends: We are writing as the Deans of the four UC Public Policy Schools to defend academic research efforts, such as Critical Race Theory, against the attacks of the President’s Office of Management and Budget (see September 4th letter from OMB on "Training in the Federal Government"). Becoming anti-racist...

California youth fired up to vote in 2020, new poll finds

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By Nicole Freeling |

How to solve California’s digital divide

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This is how we can improve response to the next pandemic

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Sanctuary City Policy: A Mechanism for Reducing Inequalities by Immigrant Status in Latinx Children’s Mental Health

Principal and Co-Principal Investigators: Cecilia Ayón, Tanya Nieri, Bruce Link Title: Sanctuary City Policy: A Mechanism for Reducing Inequalities by Immigrant Status in Latinx Children’s Mental Health This study aims to examine if “sanctuary city” policy is an effective mechanism for reducing inequalities by immigrant origin status in Latino children’s mental health. In response to...

UCR wins $10 million to develop AI for sustainable agriculture

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Congressional modernization jump-started by COVID-19

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Mother-daughter duo graduates from UC Riverside as part of the class of 2020

Both members of UC Riverside’s class of 2020, María Omary, M.A., and her daughter, Lina, M.D., will graduate this spring from UCR’s School of Public Policy and School of Medicine, respectively. The mother and daughter Highlanders share a lifelong passion for science and a deep interest in how the food we eat impacts brain function...
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