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“There are layers of suffering and we need to... listen. So the main thing I find in transition [from conflict to stability] is the mistakes we make when we don't listen…there is a cost to not listen in this line of work”
Manav Sachedva on the topic of the importance of intentionality and learning from the locals when helping areas transition from times of conflict to stability.  

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Listen to various voices in the public policy world discussing potential solutions to important policy challenges, be they about health, the economy, the environment, or other societal problems impacting families in your community or across the globe.

The podcast series is a production of the Dean's Brand Ambassadors of the UCR School of Public Policy.

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Rachel Strausman

Rachel is currently an undergraduate public policy major at UCR with an emphasis on policy institutions & processes and international / foreign policy.

Rachel is Dean's Vice Chief Ambassador and Public Affairs Student Assistant at the SPP. 

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