UCR Policy Expert Discusses Inequalities Faced by Latina-Owned Businesses

By Kevin Karami |

On the latest episode of Policy Chats, UCR School of Public Policy Professor Qingfang Wang discusses her latest research on the unique and challenging issues that Latina Business Owners face amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A large number of Latina-Owned Businesses are in the low wage, low skill, and easy to enter industries which haven't adopted technology that much before COVID,” said Wang, whose research focuses on immigration, the labor market, and development. “Many of these short-term impacts are imbued upon the long-term issues... [and] under COVID-19, it's just revealed.”

The episode with Wang also covers other topics including socioeconomic and policy factors, the role information and technology play, and a potential path to alleviate many of these issues. Listen to the episode here.


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