Government Ethics and Transparency

By Samantha Monterroso |

On the latest episode of Policy Chats, Shelley Finlayson discusses ethics and transparency at the federal level with students from the UC Riverside School of Public Policy. 

Finlayson is the U.S Office of Government Ethics (OGE) Chief of Staff and Program Counsel. According to her profile, “she oversees OGE’s day-to-day operations that are heavily focused on budgetary, financial, and personnel matters. In addition, she is a member of OGE’s core leadership team which is vital to the functioning of OGE as a whole.”

OGE “leads and oversees the executive branch ethics program which is at work every day in more than 130 agencies. The executive branch ethics program works to prevent financial conflicts of interest to help ensure government decisions are made free from personal financial bias.”

In addition, she is an alumna of UC Riverside, and also received degrees from Rutgers University and Georgetown University.”

“It was a pleasure to engage in a discussion with Ms. Finlayson about her knowledge and experience in her role,” said Johanna Arias, a public policy student who served as co-host for the latest episode. “She certainly plays a large part in our government’s performance and transparency. I was truly inspired by the work that she carries out for the better good of our nation.”

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