Bridging the Gap Between Science and Policy

By Samantha Monterroso |

On the latest episode of Policy Chats, Susan Hackwood, Director of the Science to Policy program at UC Riverside, talks with UCR public policy students about bridging the gap between science and public policy.

Science to Policy (S2P) “is founded on the idea that scientists can and should play a critical role in public policy,” according to their website. “By hosting and supporting a number of professional development opportunities on and off campus, S2P's vision is to empower UCR STEM graduate students to participate in science policy by providing a suite of experiential opportunities to learn from public policy experts.”

According to her profile, “Hackwood has much experience in working in industry, academia and government partnerships to identify policy issues of societal importance. With her expertise, she is Professor of the Graduate Division and Edward A. Dickson Emeritus Professor at the UCR, and serves as Dean Emeritus of the Bourns College of Engineering.”

“Science to Policy is an amazing and unique opportunity at UCR with an incredible mission,” said Maddie Bunting, a third-year public policy major who served as host for the episode. “From the ongoing pandemic to the threat of climate change, now is the time to turn to science when formulating public policies.”

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