Transgender Rights in California and Across the Nation

By Samantha Monterroso |

In a new podcast episode of Policy Chats, Audrey Irmas Director of the LGBTQ, Gender & Reproductive Justice Project at the ACLU of Southern California Amanda Goad talks with students from the UC Riverside School of Public Policy about transgender policies and protections.

According to her profile, Goad “fights for the rights and civil liberties of LGBTQ people through litigation and policy advocacy. She has contributed to litigation and policy victories involving marriage equality, domestic partner benefits, and the rights of people living with HIV in prison, as well as to the advancement of nondiscrimination laws and other LGBTQ-affirming policies.” 

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), “defends the fundamental rights outlined in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These include the right to freedom of speech and assembly, the right to religious freedom, due process of law, equality before the law and the right to privacy.” The ACLU of Southern California is an affiliate of the ACLU.

While discussing the topic of California paving the path for the trans rights movement, Goad said, “Even as we're focused on implementation and making things even better in California, the trans rights movement at a national level is still unfortunately having to play a lot of defense.”

“This episode was an engaging and informative conversation that reflected on the injustices Trandsgender folx experience, as well as the necessary steps to ensure the protection of the Transgender community,” said Daisy Gonzalez, a fourth year public policy student who served as co-interviewer for the episode.

Launched in 2020, the UCR School of Public Policy podcast series explores current public policy issues with guests from throughout the policy world. Episodes are accessible via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Anchor. More information is also available through the UCR School of Public Policy podcast page.