Voting Options in the Upcoming Election

By Samantha Monterroso and Maya Prasad |

I would advise not to wait until November 3rd to actually put [your ballot] in the mail,” San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters Bob Page said in the latest episode of “Policy Chats,” a podcast produced by the UCR School of Public Policy. 

According to his profile, Page "is responsible for all aspects of the county's residents' election process.” This includes administration of voting systems, employee training, and ballot processing for San Bernardino County’s elections on the federal, state, and local levels.

"[The County does] prepay the postage on return envelopes... we have a number of early vote sites and polling places," Page said. "[There are] a number of mail ballot drop boxes, and finally, if somebody wants to vote in person, that's still available."  

MPP candidate Alfredo Barcenas, who served as co-interviewer for the episode, said, “This episode serves as another avenue of guidance for our communities who may be voting in the election for the first time, had concerns about their mail-in ballot, or wanted to learn more about this year's electoral process."

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