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College Students Trapped in Apartment Leases During COVID-19

By Maddie Bunting |

The city of Riverside has a program for rent relief... to bring you current on your rent,” Fair Housing Council of Riverside County program manager Nathan Cieszynski stated in a podcast episode produced by the UCR School of Public Policy.

Financial hardships and remote learning caused by the pandemic have left many college students trapped in apartment leases they signed months before COVID-19 hit. Public policy student Sana Jaffery found herself  in this exact situation, unable to terminate her lease and soon discovered she was not alone. Looking for help and hope, college students in the region and the world are seeking legal advice as the new school year begins.

During the interview Cieszynski and real estate lawyer Scott Talkov discussed various options college students may consider as they navigate the legal jargon in their signed contracts and stay up to date with local policies. Cieszynski states that as this is a case by case situation, some students may want to take a more aggressive approach, while others may decide staying in their contract and seeking financial assistance would be best for them.

“I’m in a situation where I am lucky enough that this only hurts,” said Jaffery. “But it is devastating for some families, especially those who were employed on campus. They no longer have access to those wages.”

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