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An Opportunity to Make a Difference

The UCR School of Public Policy will transform the lives of our students and bring fresh thinking to the complex challenges facing our local, national and international communities.

School of Public Policy Graduate Student Support Fund

Our students are tomorrow's leaders. They will be the best and the brightest and by the time they graduate, and they will have the ability to bring bold, fresh thinking from a variety of perspectives to solve the complex challenges facing our region and the world through sound public policy solutions. This fund was created so the School of Public Policy can attract and support the finest graduate students possible. We hope to raise enough money to support students as they pursue their degrees for generations to come.

Undergraduate Public Policy Scholarship Fund

Gifts to this fund will support undergraduate students in the public policy major and allow UCR to attract and support the finest undergraduate students.

School of Public Policy Student Internship Program Fund

Ron Loveridge, UCR faculty member and long-time Mayor of Riverside, created an intern program in the 1960s for political science majors interested in public service that became legendary because hundreds of former "Loveridge Interns" have gone on to serve their communities in local, national and international roles. Now that Professor Loveridge has returned to campus full-time, he has established a new internship program in the School of Public Policy in conjunction with local public agencies for students specifically studying public policy. Donations to this fund will allow students gain valuable hands-on experience in an office directly involved with setting public policy.

School of Public Policy Dean's Discretionary Fund

We don't want to just be a good School of Public Policy; we want to be exceptional. To do that, we will bring together the national and international strengths of the best faculty from across the disciplines at UCR to create an exceptional educational experience for our students. Gifts to this fund will allow the Dean the flexibility to address important issues as they arise and to support the important work of teaching the next generation of leaders in the creation of sound public policy.

Alternate Ways to Support SPP

Joe SanbergThe students at UC Riverside are a diverse, determined group of young people who believe in public service, believe in the potential of the region, and are working hard to prepare themselves for future leadership roles. It’s an honor to support their studies and their futures.

Joe Sanberg, Co-Founder,

Learn how Joe Sanberg provided support for 7 SPP students

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