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UCR Students Discuss Media Bias and Filter Bubbles

By Vir Sinha |

The UCR School of Public Policy is hosting a seminar by three students - Divya Bharadwaj, Samuel Shroff, and Andrew Shannon - who are collaborating with AllSides, a media company dedicated to challenging media bias and filter bubbles in American news. 

The three students have been working as research assistants as part of a collaboration by UCR with AllSides, and will share how they navigate partisanship and mend political divides through their work. 

Bharadwaj said, “As an AllSides research assistant, we work on content that frees people of media bias and filter bubbles by helping individuals engage with ideas and stances that they may not agree with or even know about.” 

Shannon said, “Ultimately, I want people to use our work to be able to think for themselves and have positive, intellectual discourse to find solutions to the problems we face.” 

The event will take place on November 16 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Pacific Time at the UCR Alumni and Visitors Center. For free in-person registration, visit here. For virtual registration, visit here

For more information, contact event organizer Pia Prashanth at


About AllSides
AllSides is a media company dedicated to strengthening our public discourse with “balanced news, media bias ratings, diverse perspectives, and real conversation.” Their mission is to “Free people from filter bubbles so they can better understand the world — and each other.” For more information, visit

About the UCR School of Public Policy
Since 2014, the UCR School of Public Policy has been bringing policy makers, practitioners, and researchers to campus to talk about various policy issues facing the region and beyond. For more information about events open to the general community, visit

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