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The Warehousing Industry in the Inland Region

By Divya Bharadwaj |

The Inland Center for Sustainable Development (ICSD), a research center of the UCR School of Public Policy, is hosting a seminar about the warehousing industry in the Inland Region, specifically about the business, economics, scale, role and future of the region’s fastest growing sector. 

This event, part one of six Warehousing & Logistics Webinar Series, aims to provide a broad overview of this economic sector as well as the role of public policy. The Zoom webinar will take place on September 28 from 4 to 5 p.m. 

“The Inland Region has over 4,000 warehouses - keep in mind, in 1980, the region only had about 250. This transformation has both positive and negative consequences for residents and local public policymakers alike, said Kristen Kopko, Research Manager & Policy Analyst for ICSD. “My goal is always understanding and connection – we want to hear as many perspectives as possible, we want to look for positive and negative externalities, we want students to connect with experts and policymakers, and mostly, we want to help create sustainable, data-driven, and long-term policy solutions.”

Guest speakers include: Dr. Gigi Moreno, PhD, Senior Economist at Southern California Association of Governments, Weston LaBar, SVP of Industry Relations & Chief Spokesperson at Cargomatic, Matt Burris, Deputy City Manager for the City of Rancho Cucamonga, Scott Agajanian, Economic Development Director for the City of Murrieta, and Dr. Ellen Reese, PhD, Chair of Labor Studies & Professor of Society, Environment & Health Equity at UC Riverside. 

Panelists range from the private, public, and academic sectors in order to provide attendees with diverse perspectives on this topic. 

Attendees can register for free for the in-person event here: For more information, please contact

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The Inland Center for Sustainable Development is a research center of the UCR School of Public Policy, focused on research and reports on issues of suburban growth and its impact on social, environmental, and transport systems. Learn more by visiting

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