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Mission-Driven Consulting Seminar

By Kevin Karami |

On Tuesday, January 24th, the UCR School of Public Policy and Center for Social Innovation hosted a fireside chat by Cecilia Estolano, the CEO and Founder of Estolano Advisors.


The event, titled "Mission-Driven Consulting: Prospects for Sustainability and Equity in Southern California," is part of the School of Public Policy Seminar Series and featured a discussion on trends towards environmental sustainability and racial equity in Southern California. 

According to her profile, Estolano's expertise is in "equitable economic and workforce development, climate-resilient infrastructure, land use, and urban revitalization." Estolano is an urban planner and land use and environmental lawyer, having worked in various levels of government. She sits on the boards of Jobs to Move America and the National Employment Law Project. She previously chaired the Regents of the University of California and has served on the boards of the California Coastal Commission, Manufacturing Renaissance, the California League of Conservation Voters, Lambda Legal, and California YMCA Youth and Government.

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