Criminology Expert Discusses Disadvantages of Life After Prison

By Kevin Karami |

On Thursday, November 4th, the Robert Presley Center of Crime and Justice Studies, a research center of the UCR School of Public Policy, held an online seminar by University of California, Irvine criminology, law, and society associate professor Naomi Sugie on “Concentrated Disadvantage and Stress in Daily Life After Release from Prison.”

Based on GPS estimates and self-reporting of negative emotions among a large sample of individuals recently released from prison, Sugie’s research shows that living in a poor place negatively affects emotional health.

“America has more incarcerated people than any other nation in the world,” said Raiyan Kalam, a first-year public policy student. “I am excited to learn about Dr. Sugie’s research and potential policy solutions for the issues it illuminates.”

Listen to the episode below.


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