GWU Professor to Discuss Black Leaders in a Racialized State Department

By Maddie Bunting |

On Monday, April 19th, the UCR School of Public Policy will be holding a virtual seminar on “History and Prospects for Black Leaders in a Racialized State Department” by Dr. Jennifer Brinkerhoff.

Brinkerhoff will share data on African American Ambassadors from 1949 to 2020 presented as W.E.B. Du Bois-inspired data visualizations, and a historical review of African Americans in the U.S. State Department that confirms the State Department is a racialized organization.

Brinkerhoff is a professor of public administration and international affairs at George Washington University. According to her profile, she has provided policy advice to the U.S. State Department on its diaspora engagement strategy and conducted diaspora-related commissioned research for USAID, the Asia Development Bank, the Migration Policy Institute, the Nordic Africa Institute, the United Nations, and the World Bank.”

Her profile also states, “she is particularly keen on encouraging people to pursue service careers, thoughtfully grounding their commitment to change in self-awareness and working in communities.” 

Genevieve Chacon, a fourth year public policy student, said, “We are so excited to host Dr. Brinkerhoff. Her work advising for the State Department will give us important insight on the Department's racialized history and how to address this issue moving forward.”

This event is open to the general public. Attendees must register to attend. Registrants will receive an email in advance of the event with a link to join. 

Since 2014, the UCR School of Public Policy Seminar Series has been bringing policy makers, practitioners, and researchers to campus to talk about various policy issues facing the region and beyond. During the shelter-in-place order for California, all events are being held online. For more information about the series, visit