Women’s Foundation Director of Programs Talks About Gender Equity

By Kevin Karami |

On Thursday, March 4th, the UCR School of Public Policy will be holding a virtual seminar on “Gender Equity & Policy,” by Marisol Franco, the Director of Programs at the Women’s Foundation of California.

According to her profile, Franco is “responsible for leading curriculum and program development for the Women’s Policy Institute (WPI)-State, WPI-Local, and Philanthropy and Public Policy Institute. She is a WPI alum and believes all people have the right to a living wage, health care, education, and affordable housing.” 

The Women’s Policy Institute (WPI) is “an experiential policy advocacy training program advancing racial, economic, and gender justice throughout the state of California.” The WPI has two versions at the state and local levels and has trained hundreds of advocates and organizers who have successfully pushed and passed over 40 laws and policies aimed at improving communities across all of California. 

Uthman Alaoui, a second year public policy student, said, “The UCR School of Public Policy has a majority female student body, so it is important to acknowledge the challenges many may face simply because of their gender as they prepare to enter the workforce, as well as the ones currently seen by those outside the UCR sphere. Ms. Franco’s superior knowledge on the inner workings of poverty and economic challenges that arise from it will serve to have attendees see their surroundings in a new light for the better, hopefully better empathizing and working towards solving these current problems in a policy-oriented method.”

This event is open to the general public. Attendees must register to attend. Registrants will receive an email in advance of the event with a link to join. 

Since 2014, the UCR School of Public Policy Seminar Series has been bringing policy makers, practitioners, and researchers to campus to talk about various policy issues facing the region and beyond. During the shelter-in-place order for California, all events are being held online. For more information about the series, visit