Seminar on Detention Centers Impacted by COVID-19

By Andrea Rayas |

On Thursday, March 2nd, the UCR School of Public Policy will be hosting a virtual seminar on “COVID-19’s Impact on Detention Centers” by Lizbeth Abeln, Deportation Defense Programs Manager for the Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice (IC4IJ).

According to her profile, Abeln “utilizes her experience working personally with immigrant communities and gives support to vulnerable immigrants and families who face detention and deportation proceedings.” Abeln further works on immigrant justice by participating in community engagement and policy advocacy at a local and statewide level.

The Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice is composed of 35 organizations across the Inland Empire that advocate for the rights and protection of all immigrants. They engage in policy advocacy, community organizing and education, and rapid responses to ICE and border patrol operations. Over the past few years, the coalition has had success in advocating for the passage of immigration policies like the California Trust Act (AB 4), which limits cooperation between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and local law enforcement, and the Driver Licenses for All Act (AB 60) which has provided over 1 million drivers licenses to undocumented Californians, among other policies. 

“I had the privilege to learn from Lizbeth Abeln in UCR School of Public Policy Professor Cecilia Ayón’s course ‘Borderline Immigration Policies and Community Change Process”, said fourth year public policy student Arleth Flores Aparicio. “She is very passionate about her work, which I admire greatly. People like Ms. Abeln help shed light on a critical topic within the Inland Empire, and I am excited to learn more about her work.”

This event is open to the general public. Attendees must register to attend. Registrants will receive an email in advance of the event with a link to join. 

Since 2014, the UCR School of Public Policy Seminar Series has been bringing policy makers, practitioners, and researchers to campus to talk about various policy issues facing the region and beyond. During the shelter-in-place order for California, all events are being held online. For more information about the series, visit