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UCR has a track-record of innovative public policy research in a variety of academic programs and centers. Drawing upon these diverse strengths, the SPP's academic programs will be highly inter-disciplinary, innovative, and solution-based. All of these centers, institutes, and research groups will provide teaching and internship support to our academic programs, enabling students to experience a rich variety of coursework and fieldwork in many different areas of public policy.

School of Public Policy Affiliated Centers

Center for Sustainable Suburban Development (CSSD) – Director, Ron Loveridge

The Center conducts and disseminates research on issues of suburban growth and the impact of this growth on social, environmental, and transport systems.

Ron Loveridge, an associate professor of political science, recently completed a 33-year career as Riverside mayor and councilman before stepping in to the role of Director of the Center for Sustainable Suburban Development.

"The Inland counties of Riverside and San Bernardino are expected to grow into two of the largest counties in the state by 2060, trailing only Los Angeles. We will need sound policy planning more than ever to effectively manage this rapid change. The School of Public Policy will play an instrumental role in the evolution of this region."

Center for Sustainable Suburban Development


Presley Center of Crime and Justice Studies – Director (Academic), Sharon Oselin

Established by the California Legislature in 1993, The Presley Center conducts research on crime prevention and works closely with local governments in Inland Southern California to develop and evaluate evidence-based policies, firmly grounded in social science, aimed at preventing youth violence and crime.

Sharon Oselin (Associate Professor of Sociology at UCR) and Grover Trask are the Co-Directorsof the UCR Robert Presley Center of Crime and Justice Studies.

Presley Center of Crime and Justice Studies

One Health Center of the UC Global Health Institutes – Director, Bruce Link

UCR is playing a key role in the creation of a University of California Global Health Institute, a groundbreaking, multi-campus program for global health education, research and partnerships. In partnership with UC Davis, UCR has established the One Health Center, focused on reducing the rate of disease and death resulting from malnutrition, unsafe water, and animal- and vector-borne diseases.

Bruce Link, a Professor of Public Policy and Sociology, was named director of the One Health Center on July 1, 2015.

One Health Center

Blum Initiative for Global and Regional Poverty – Director, David Brady

The vision of the Blum Initiative on Global and Regional Poverty is to conduct research, teaching, and outreach that focuses attention on poverty in Inland Southern California and ultimately helps policy agencies and community-based organizations combat poverty and improve the lives of the poor in the region.

David Brady, a Professor of Public Policy, was named director of the Blum Initiative on July 1, 2015.

Blum Initiative
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Center for Social Innovation

The Center for Social Innovation—which is the result of two years of planning, community engagement, and foundation dialogue—aims to provide a credible research voice that spurs civic leadership and policy innovation. We also aim to integrate researchers, community organizations, and civic stakeholders in collaborative projects and long-term partnerships that boost collective impact. Importantly, the Center seeks to shift away from a “problem” narrative to an “opportunity” narrative for marginalized communities and localities.

The Center for Social Innovation will focus on four key areas: Civic Engagement, Economic Mobility, Immigrant Integration, and Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Specific to our work in Inland Southern California, our activities in collaborative research, policy innovation, and narrative change are aimed to more fully realize the region’s potential in terms of its civic activities, philanthropic investments, and growing nonprofit sector.

Center for Social Innovation

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