Solutions for the Region, Solutions for the World

Established in 2012, the UCR School of Public Policy is one of only four public policy schools in the 10-campus UC system. It is home to the only Master of Public Policy (MPP) program offered by a major research university in inland Southern California, as well as the only public policy school with an undergraduate public policy major in the entire University of California system"

At the UCR School of Public Policy, our motto is "Solutions for the Region, Solutions for the World." While our research has global implications and relevance, Southern California—particularly, the inland region in Southern California— offers us a "living laboratory" in our own backyard to explore, investigate, and learn. As such, the theories that we test, issues that we analyze, and the solutions that we identify that concern Southern California and the Inland Empire's most pressing policy challenges have relevance to the state, nation, and world. By engaging in research that identifies the drivers of policy successes, as well as policy failures, we offer decision-makers, students, and society a more complete understanding of what works, what doesn't, and why.

Our Mission: Serving Inland Southern California

Our mission is to train a new generation of forward-thinking public policy leaders equipped to address the complex, interrelated challenges of poverty, disease, illiteracy, climate change, energy security, pollution and more. Their training will be informed by (i) a diverse, interdisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes evidence-based policy research as well as cross-learning from both international and domestic problem-solving experiences, and (ii) a rich internship program that emphasizes experiential learning.


About the Dean

Meet the Founding Dean

Anil Deolalikar has been the dean of the UCR School of Public Policy since 2013. He is a development economist who has published four books and over 70 articles on the economics of child nutrition, health, education, poverty, and social protection in developing countries.


2006: UCR campus launches an undergraduate program in public policy and houses it temporarily in the UCR College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CHASS) until such time as the School of Public Policy (SPP) is established.

2012: Regents of the University of California approve the establishment of the UCR School of Public Policy.

2013: Campus searches for, selects and appoints a founding dean for the School. In turn, the dean begins appointing core staff in the School.

2014: The first group of faculty is appointed to the School. Additional staff are recruited. The School moves into its current quarters (4th floor of CHASS Interdisciplinary Building.)

2015: The School launches the two-year Master of Public Policy (MPP) program.

2017: Inaugural MPP student cohort graduates.

2018: Campus transfers the undergraduate program in public policy from CHASS to the School of Public Policy.