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If you need to fill out a form – such as for petitions for a major/minor change, exceeding maximum units, or repeating a course, among many others – please contact Deisy Vaca at  

Deisy VacaDeisy Vaca

Student Affairs Coordinator

(951) 827-5663


Walk-In Advising


Schedule an
Advising Appointment

*Check in for walk-ins and appointments in the SPP Advising Check-In Area located on the fourth floor of the Interdisciplinary South Building (INTS)

Unit Max Requests

If you wish to enroll in more than 20 units for the Spring quarter you must wait until the 17 unit max is lifted on March 6 and then send me an email with your proposed schedule (include units). If you are on good standing and your cumulative GPA is above a 2.0, I will adjust your max units to your proposed units.

Graduation Application

Students planning to graduate Spring 2019 must submit their graduation application (on Rweb) by 4 p.m., March 1, 2019. Missing this deadline may delay your graduation/degree conferral. Details:

Public Policy Major Transition

On July 1st, 2018, the public policy major is transitioning from the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CHASS) to the School of Public Policy (SPP). Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions:

What if I am entering UCR as a public policy major in Fall 2018 or after as a freshman or a transfer student?

  • You entered UCR as an SPP student. This means you were an SPP student when you attended Student Orientation in Summer 2018 and once classes start in September 2018. All student business (i.e. student advising, petitions, etc.) will be conducted through the SPP. Your degree will be conferred by the SPP.

Will the course requirements for the public policy major change as a result of the transition?

  • You will continue to have the same course requirements outlined in the UCR catalog the year that you entered the public policy program. Any changes to the course requirements in future UCR catalogs will not affect you.

What is the main difference between a college and a school?

  • Within a university, a college is an academic unit that houses a variety of majors. A school is an academic unit that has only one discipline as its focus (for example, business, education, or medicine). CHASS houses a range of departments, such as art, creative writing, economics, history, and political science, while the SPP is focused exclusively on public policy programs. Moving the public policy major from CHASS (a college) to the SPP (a school) will not have an effect on the education you receive.

Where can I get more information about the School of Public Policy and its various offerings?

I have a question that isn't answered in any of the above FAQs. Who do I contact?

  • For any other questions, please contact We'd be more than happy to answer your questions.

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